When people from outside the industry first find out I’m an interior designer I tend to dread the almost inevitable next question: “so what’s in trend at the moment?” The honest answer to the question is generally that I don’t really know, and I don’t really care. Trends in interiors are even more ridiculous to me than trends in fashion as I truly believe in designing interiors with timeless longevity and following a current trend is a sure-fire way to date and age a scheme as quickly as possible.

I enjoy working on long-term projects where the time-scale from initial design stage to installation can be up to a few years (covering a handful of new collection launches) and it would be a disaster all-round if a scheme was to look out-of-date before it was even installed. I would much rather design something that took into consideration the architecture of the building, the location and the clients and their lifestyle; designing something that is tailored to them. I believe that if something is worth doing it is worth doing well and to me that means spending your budget wisely on quality designs with longevity that will not only last well and not need replacing in a couple of years but will also not look passé.

I am lucky to have worked on a selection of listed properties in my interior design career and I find working on buildings with a heritage particularly exciting as the history of a building can help influence its aesthetic. But equally I don’t think old buildings need to be stuck in the past (unless of course they are of particular architectural importance such as those conserved by the National Trust). I think one of the exciting aspects of British interior design, particularly that of the English country house style is the eclectic mix of styles used which create an evolved look.

One person’s dream of a minimum, neutral space might be another person’s nightmare (I know I’m not the only one who loves to include items with sentimental value and colour in a scheme!); at the end of the day a scheme a client has fallen in love with is never going to be the wrong thing. After all, good design is never out of style!