What we do

Averil Blundell Interior Design offers a full range of interior design services and is happy to get involved in projects of all scales, from designing a specific piece of furniture or refurbishing a single room to renovating an entire hotel. There are many ways in which we can work, from consultancy and specifying to designing and supplying the furnishings for an entire property. Averil is used to collaborating with architects and working alongside planning advisors, builders and a whole range of services. We have an array of people we have worked with in the past, so are happy to advise clients on any other professions that we feel would be an asset to the team working on a project, from planning consultants to audio-visual specialists to specialist decorators and many more.

At the smaller end of the scale Averil enjoys being involved in more personal domestic schemes, from a single room upwards. “I tend to find residential projects the most rewarding as you are creating a space that fits the needs and tastes of a particular person or a family.”

Averil also relishes a challenge and has plenty of experience working on extensive development projects. “There have been plenty of periods over the last few years when I seem to have lived in my hard hat and high-vis jacket! Although this might seem to many to be the rather less glamorous side of the industry I do find it particularly exciting to see the transformation and love being able to be part of the team that either creates a new building or gives an existing building a new lease of life.”

For longer-term projects that include planning and building work the question often arises as to when is the best time to involve the interior design team and we always feel the sooner the better. “I think the best solutions come when I can be involved from early on in a project. That way integrated solutions can be found where services overlap that don’t affect the final aesthetic of the finished rooms. Even for something as simple as where to place sockets and light switches it is key to know the basics of the spatial planning and how the room will eventually be laid out.”

For many of our projects we have bespoke pieces made, from pieces of furniture to smaller items such as trimmings and lampshades. “To me one of the exciting things about involving an interior designer in a project is to create things for a specific project that don’t already exist.”   Knowing where to go to get things made is a key tool in any interior designer’s kit and over the years Averil has built up a strong team of professionals she has worked with to make things happen!