I don’t think it is in any way a coincidence that not only was there a celebration of craft throughout London Design Week, but also that The New Craftsmen had such a big presence at Decorex this year. I went to a couple of conferences at different shows during London Design Week discussing the merits, relevance and development of craft in relation to the design and build industries, all of which gave plenty of food for thought.

To me the craftsmen I work with are especially important in my arsenal of contacts as they are the ones who are able to create particular pieces especially for projects. The definition of craft is somewhat of an enigma as the lines between craft and art, design and small-scale production are ever blurring; but one thing is for sure, the craft that is being discussed is a quality industry with discerning customers.

For me the notion of craftsmanship as something to be cherished was ingrained at a young age as my grandfather was an avid wood-turner in his leisure time, creating beautiful objects from raw pieces of wood. This gave me an early insight into the beauty and significance of one off pieces as something to be cherished and passed down through generations, which is something I encourage clients to do also.

Personally I feel that the current trend for craft is partially fuelled by a reaction against both masss-market production and “bling, showy design” and also the reassurance of honesty of materials. These pieces are often investments and designed to remain relevant and be passed on through generations, but without without being ostentatious. To me one of the most lovely things about buying crafted pieces is the opportunity to build up a collection of objects that have sentimental value, allowing the collection to evolve with a person or family.

Supporting craft and starting a collection can start as simply as buying a hand-crafted coffee cup and with The New Craftsmen and Lulu Lytle’s “Soane” both supporting craftsmen and making their creations more accessible to the public the main question is: What will you buy next?