In the last few years Pinterest has become an integral part of my initial design process.  The resource of quite literally millions of searchable images (of which a good percentage are relevant to interiors) has become rather invaluable and it can become a fantastic place not only to collate ideas for a particular design project but also to “pin” ideas relating to a specific theme to come back to later when they’re relevant (for example an unusual headboard shape in a bedroom image).  As a business we have both project specific boards and also more general topics including “architectural details” to “bathtubs and bubbles” (bathroom design), “child’s play” (ideas for children’s bedrooms / playrooms) and “equestrian inspired interiors”.  To check out our 36 public boards, get a good idea of our style, see what we like and what influences us please visit: (we have a couple of “private” boards for specific client projects too, but they’re a secret!)


I was discussing recently that I’ve noticed a general tendency towards more confidence in design with people using bolder colours and more pattern whether decorating themselves or using an interior designer.  (Personally I am all for confident use of colour; although I’m aware some people love the calm of a neutral space if I’m brutally honest I find them boring as I crave colour!)  My gut feeling is that social media has a big part to play in this new wave of confidence as from my professional experience clients tend to be rather more nervous of something they haven’t seen or can’t see a picture of.  Being able to see examples of an abundance of interior ideas Pinterest seems to be giving people the confidence to be bolder with their interiors, and in my opinion this is definitely a good thing!