Gornall Equestrian Stables, Yorkshire

The stables facilities for Gornall Equestrian have been the key part of the renovation of a series of traditional farm buildings in North Yorkshire. Initiated by a lack of high level equestrian facilities available within the UK the decision was made to build new facilities that would become a showpiece for Gornall Equestrian’s international show jumping team but also be practical to use and most importantly safe for their equine occupants.

The former dairy farm had been built in 1887 as the model home farm to the local hall and retained an abundance of architectural details. Unfortunately the building no longer suited modern farming practices so had not been used for agricultural purposes for several years and had been left to disrepair. Much of the early stages of the project involved exposing and restoring the beautiful original brick walls and stone detailing.

As the buildings are key features within a conservation area the majority of the alterations have happened internally with a focus on restoration externally. This has meant that although the conversion from derelict farm buildings to equestrian facilities has been dramatic there are minimal visual changes externally.

Horse welfare and the practicalities of use and maintenance were key factors in the design process, especially when selecting materials. There was also an emphasis on retaining as much natural light and fresh air flow as possible, whilst enclosing and sheltering the space to allow the running of the yard to be uninterrupted by the British weather.

The extensive use of natural and honest materials sits coherently with the fabric and the character of the building, creating an inviting and safe atmosphere. The renovated building combines the practicalities of top equestrian design with the character of the original details, celebrating both the old and the new.